Make Mother’s Day extra flawless this year

It is this time of year where mothers deserve to be appreciated and pampered on their special day. What better way to indulge your mother than to offer her beauty products which will make her look flawless and feel good. Catering to the needs of every woman, MAKE UP FOR EVER offers a wide range of professional products which will definitely put a smile on your mother’s face. Want to create the perfect beauty hamper for her? Here are the must-have products for her complexion, eyes & lips.



HD Elixir & HD Primer

HD Elixir

It is very important to maintain the radiance and the healthy glow of the skin. Before applying makeup, your mom must prepare her skin by applying HD Elixir; a unique serum that offers instant and long-lasting hydration to the skin; it also hides the puffiness, fine lines and signs of fatigue. It is then recommended she applies HD Primer before the foundation. HD Primer is a microperfecting primer  which nourishes and softens the skin, creating a glowing effect. It creates a protective layer on the skin allowing the foundation to glide on easily and to last longer.


Liquid Lift Foundation

Liquid Lift Foundation

It is advisable for mothers to use liquid foundations to avoid highlighting the fine lines on the skin. We recommend the Liquid Lift Foundation because it has a “lifting” effect which will smooth out wrinkles and tone down signs of tiredness. It is also suitable for dry, tired or mature skin.


Lift Concealer

Lift Concealer

To naturally hide dark circles and minor complexion alternations, it is recommended to use Lift Concealer as its formula improves skin tones and smoothens the lines around the eyes.



Matte Eyeshadows

Matte shades eyeshadows would be perfect for mothers as they avoid enhancing the wrinkles. It is also advisable to choose nude and earthy colors such as shades of beige and brown.


Khol Pencils

Kohl Pencil all shades

Especially adapted to sensitive and thin skin around and inside the eye, the Kohl Pencil gives depth and intensity to the eyes. Its particularly gentle formula is tolerated by the most sensitive eyes, its soft and smooth texture blends effortlessly and keeps the skin around the eyes hydrated.


Smoky Lash Mascara

Smoky Lash Mascara - Black

Smoky Lash enhances lashes, for exceptional volume, infinite length and ultimate curl. It is available in 5 shades: black, blue, plum, brown and green


Aqua Brow

Aqua Brow

Your mother will definitely love this. Aqua Brow, the waterproof eyebrow corrector that fills, defines and lengthens brows. It gives a natural result which remains flawless throughout the day and holds up under all conditions.



Lip Line Perfector

lip line perfector

To ensure that lips are defined and that the colour of her lipstick lasts longer, we recommend the Lip Line Perfector as it will act as an invisible barrier, keeping the colour inside the lip line and preventing lipstick from bleeding and feathering.


Rouge Artist Intense and Rouge Artist Natural.

Rouge Artist Natural -  Pastel Pink Pastel Pink

We recommend you choose natural nude colours to enhance natural radiance. Choose creamy textures for the lipstick and avoid shiny and dark colours. Choose from MAKE UP FOR EVER’s wide range of Rouge Artist Intense and Rouge Artist Natural lipsticks available in 100 shades to suit any outfit, occasion or mood.