A “Look Good, Feel Good Collection” in the Making!

With more than a hundred creative entries submitted from across the Middle East and other parts of the world, Bras for a Cause Middle East (www.BrasforaCause.me) proves that designing for a cause never goes out of style.

Organized by One Wig Stand and Fustany.com, this bold initiative started with a call for the most creative entries by emerging and established fashion designers, artists and regional talent to introduce to the rest of the Middle East bras and t-shirts in support of breast cancer survivors and organizations.

Established designers showed their tremendous support for this campaign by designing original bra and t-shirt designs within the “Designer Piece” Category that will be actualized by the designers themselves for auctioning at the upcoming fashion shows in Beirut and Dubai as fundraiser pieces for breast cancer organizations. The regional and international designers who showed their support by designing a bra or t-shirt for the campaign include the talents of:

  • Joe Challita (Bra)
  • Mia Jaafari (Bras)
  • Domakaya (Bra)
  • Maison Rana (T-Shirts)
  • Ananasa (Bra)
  • Sandra J (Bra)
  • Sartori Sartori (Bra)
  • Tasche by Angelique Sabounjian (Bra)
  • Nadine Zeni (T-Shirt)
  • J Walking with Style (T-Shirt)
  • Alison & Marie (Bra and T-Shirt)
  • Sev Sev by Sevan Kouyoumjian (Mastectomy Bra)
  • Tashkeil (T-Shirt)
  • Faysal Itani from Taskeil (T-Shirt)
  • Neon Edge (T-Shirts)
  • Sarah’s Bag (Bra)
  • The Rodnik Band (Bras and T-Shirts)
  • Shrekahnth (T-Shirt)
  • Noon by Noor (T-Shirt)
  • Customnation by Nizar Kaawache (T-Shirt)

Selected designs from the “Designer Piece” bra and t-shirt category will also be produced for the upcoming collection (to be revealed soon) so the public can have a chance to further show their support through these carefully designed pieces.

Within the other categories of the Bras for a Cause contest, were twelve winning designs that were carefully selected by both the public and esteemed Bras for a Cause jury and will proceed to the next phase of the campaign: production for an upcoming collection to be sold at upscale department stores and fashion boutiques, with an advance public screening of what’s to come in two exclusive fashion shows taking place in Beirut and Dubai this September.

Within the “Everybody Wants Me” Bra Design Category, the winners are:

1st Place: Nada Adel (Egypt), whose innovative “The Infinity Bra” with changeable bra cups provides a fresh solution to adjusting your bra to match your outfit or mood.

2nd Place: Nour Tohme (Lebanon), a talented illustrator whose fun and colorful “What Girls Are Made Of” bra is sprinkled with “sugar, spice and everything nice”.

3rd Place: Nadia El Medany (Egypt), who designed the “Ribbon Bra” presenting any woman who wears it as a valuable gift with its elegant silk ribbon enclosure in the middle of the bra.


Within the “Her Bra” Mastectomy Bra Design Category, the winners are:

1st Place: Mai Abbasi (Egypt) and her “Survivor Trophy” bra designed with a gemmed pink ribbon as a shoulder strap to celebrate the survivor’s victory over breast cancer.

2nd Place: Rana Muallem (Jordan), whose delicious “Cupcake Bra” with its finely illustrated detailing are the bra cups themselves.

3rd Place: Engy El Shorbagy’s (KSA) “Embrace Your Scars” bra with strong and supportive vines as straps rise from the abstracted scars while providing support to “eventually bud into beautiful roses” at the shoulders.


Within the “Training” Bra Design Category, the winners are:

1st Place: Zeina Tawfik (Egypt), whose “Dancing Queen Bra” eminates with youth, movement and life, combining a feminine elegance with vibrant detailing.

2nd Place: Yasmin Khlaifat (Jordan) who designed the “Cupcake Fantasy” Bra – with a title that says it all. Inspired by the layering and icing of cupcakes, this bra combines luxurious flavoring with a twist of femininity.

3rd Place: Hasleen Anand (UAE) captured the essence of summer with her colorful and flowery design “Summer Breeze” classic bra.

Within the Such a Tee-s” T-Shirt Design Category, the winners are:

1st Place: Dina Yassine (Jordan) designed the fashionable “Think Pink” t-shirt encouraging women to preventative action against breast cancer, not just awareness.

2nd Place: Dana Qabbani (Jordan) took a twist on the pink ribbon representing breast cancer awareness to make a strong message that wraps around the shirt in her “Embrace Your Femininity” design.

3rd Place: Hanane Fathallah (KSA), whose elegant and typographic Arabic t-shirt is a message for the entire Middle East encouraging preventative action against breast cancer.

Congratulations to all the talented winners and everyone who took part in the design contest. Keep your eyes on the Bras for a Cause catwalks this September for an exciting display of the winning designs and more surprises to come!