Let it Rain-Please!

Ok I know you’re probably going to say, why is she writing about fur boots and ear muffs if the weather is still hot. We’re in December and we’re all hoping for some rain to get into our new winter wardrobe. I said, may be if we high light the it winter season trend, mother nature, will give us some cold.

Anyway we always like to stay ahead of the game with inspirational ‘fast fashion’ reports, tracking the development of crucial runway trends and highlighting brand new looks emerging at street level.  Our latest feature whole-heartedly welcomes the cold weather and pleads ‘let it snow’ in preparation for an influx of ski-inspired trends.

Driven by influential fall collections from powerhouses such as D&G  and Chanel, boys become all out arctic adventurers donning fur trapper-hats, salopette style pants and quilted bomber jackets with aplomb while the girls opt for charming ski-bunny ensembles, favouring festive Fair Isle knits, ear-muffs and fur boots.