Lebanese NN – It Starts from the Head

NN represents a new fashionable brand by Lebanese Designer, Nicole Najjar. Only this time it’s a more specialized kind of fashion – NN designs for the hair. Hair accessories designers are limited, especially in Lebanon, but Nicole creates a whole new dimension for the hair. Each design has a name of a woman – like Collette or Constance. The positive feedback and boom the designer has experienced locally and internationally, makes NN a new brand to look out for!

Tell us about your brand?

It all started when I was studying abroad in Paris for a semester. I have always been a fan of headbands because they give a feminine and fashionable style to women. During my stay in the city of love, I decided to dedicate myself in creating my own headbands. I started wearing them and received positive feedback from my friends. So I decided to do more and sell them as well.

Who is behind it?

I am the only person who is behind it. Of course Paris and its people have inspired me in my creations.

Why hair accessories?

It is so uncommon to find a person dedicated in designing to hair accessories. I believe that what you wear says a lot about your personality.

How many designs have you made?

I have currently made ten designs and I am looking forward to making much more. The collection is limited since there no more than three pieces of each headbands.
What materials do you use?

I use all types of materials from everywhere. When I travelled all around Europe, I bought all the accessories that I could. All of my headbands are unique in their own way.

How has the sales been so far – what are people’s reactions?

Of course, my friends were the first ones to support me. They all loved the collection and provided me with constant feedback. Sales have been amazing especially in Venezuela (where I was raised and born). At this moment, I am trying to conquer the Lebanese market.

Your next plan?

I would like to keep on working on my next collection while I finish my studies in Washington, DC. The inspiration of the city is what creates my headbands.