Launch of NOTES D’AMOUR Ragheb Alama’s New Fragrance

Fawaz Holding & C&F have the pleasure to announce the launch of the new Fragrance NOTES D’AMOUR by Ragheb Alama exclusively at all C&F branches. The launch took place on the 11th of October at C&F Beirut Souks, Downtown in the presence of the superstar Ragheb Alama, social & media representatives, C&F clients and Ragheb Alama fans.

At the melody of NOTES D’AMOUR TV AD, Ragheb Alama walked down the red carpet while saluting his fans and C&F clients before stepping into the boutique where he offered NOTES D’AMOUR buyers his dedication on a souvenir photo with them. The superstar expressed his gratitude and thankfulness to all the people behind the creation of NOTES D’AMOUR, and assured that his fragrance is an expression of love made with his “fan’s love”! Ragheb Alama then drew the name of 5 lucky winners who participated in a competition that was running on C&F Facebook fan page. The participants had to guess the base notes from which NOTES D’AMOUR was created, and the winners were among those who guessed that Cedar wood & Amber was the right answer.

Following the event, Fawaz Holding and C&F hosted Ragheb Alama accompanied by his family, friends, other stars and social and media representatives for a glamorous cocktail at the Cherry at the rooftop in Beirut’s only luxury hotel, Le Gray. The guests celebrated NOTES D’AMOUR launch in a splendid ambiance while sipping their drinks. During the evening, Ragheb offered one on one interviews with the press and traced the story behind NOTES D’AMOUR saying: “NOTES D’AMOUR is an essence for love. It has been made with love. It’s created with a mix of cedar wood inspired by the Lebanese cedars that stand for strength and character, Mediterranean Jasmine to add some heat and tenderness with a touch of Amber for nobility and Musk for sensuality. All of these notes combined, make NOTES D’AMOUR a magical fragrance offering you a unique feeling of love and passion. Even if it is intended as a masculine perfume, I’m still able to smell it on ladies, because simply it’s a smell of love.” claimed Ragheb.

The Eau de Parfum is an expression of all the inspiration, senses and feelings Ragheb Alama always transferred by his songs, it’s all about Love.

NOTES D’AMOUR Eau de Parfum is a woody magnetic fragrance, source of escape and discovery for new sensations, reflecting strength and character.

NOTES D’AMOUR is packaged in a vintage-style flacon that expresses a symbolic reference to its unique history, an intense love for cedar and spice. A harmonious balancing of a strong feeling, a game of seduction, quick but intense…

NOTES D’AMOUR, the new fragrance, will be exclusively sold in all C&F stores; the choice of exclusivity is due to several reasons; with C&F position in the market, the commitment and professionalism that it portrays and with the brand alignment with all the beauty trends and novelties being the main reasons. The friendliness, knowledge and expertise of C&F staff add another factor for which NOTES D’AMOUR was intended to be exclusively aligned with C&F brand image.




With his sensuous vocals Ragheb Alama (born Ragheb Subhi Alama) has risen to the upper echelon of Middle Eastern pop music. The recipient of an Arabian World Gold Lion award as Best Arabic Singer of 1998, Alama continues to bring a modern sensibility to the traditional music of his homeland.

Alama’s talents as a singer were apparent from an early age. His father as so impressed with his singing that he arranged for him to be interviewed on Lebanese radio before his tenth birthday.

Enrolling at the Beirut Conservatory of Music, at the age of 15, Alama spent several years studying the lute.

His skill at singing traditional folk songs resulted in him receiving a gold medal.

Launching his professional career in 1982, Alama has become a regular performer at music festivals in Lebanon and Egypt.