Krikor Jabotian Fashion Daze

Blousy and ephemeral, the “au gré d’ UNE brise” collection by Krikor Jaboutian will lift your imagination and tickle your inspiration. With an eye on the mysterious fairytales of our childhood, the collection contains the thread of a child’s wonder tempered with the sophistication of a mature fashion designer.

Off-white shades dominate the collection: ivory, champagne, cream and chalk. Pale, dusky pinks and shades of blended gray and beige are used, with liberal sprinklings of gold — the colors of an evening sky. As day turns to night,
a selection of garments revels in deepest black.

The designer is a self-described “23 year old dreamer” who puts his fantasies to work and in doing so, brings dreams to life. He sat down with Absolute Beirut for a glimpse into the fantastic.

As a kid in school, what did your classmates (before fashion school) think of you?

I actually never asked them, but I would think they thought I was a nerd since I was a very disciplined kid in school always seeking perfection in my work.

Your works feature a lot of light colors.What do they mean to you?
I use them a lot of light colors in my work since I have always loved weddings and watching a bride in her white dress with the whole fantasy of what weddings stand for: Love, life, beauty, and happily ever after.

Now that you have reached a good place in your career, what has been people’s feedback?

The feedback has been amazing, though I know I have a long way to go. I am looking forward to every part of it with the support of my friends and family.

How do you add your artistic touch to your everyday life?

I don’t make an effort to add an artistic touch; however, I feel art is my life so you can say that’s they way I live it.

How do you put your chosen materials together?

I think that comes naturally to me since I have been using material and playing with material since I was a very young child.

When you create something, what goes through your mind ?

Ultimate happiness when I see my piece come alive ! Every Piece is like my baby, I get very attached to each design and when I see it worn I see my fantasy come true.

You use a lot of lace in your designs, why?

Lace is very feminine, subtle, very delicate and romantic. I try to translate this in a modern note. I just seem to be very inspired whenever I touch material with lace so I make sure to always use it in this way .

Does the preparation of a season’s collection take time?

Of course it does. I go through a long process of making something and then taking it apart as many times as needed until I am 100% satisfied and in love with the collection.

How do you intend women to feel when wearing Krikor Jabotian labeled clothing ?

I want them to feel special of course and at the same time very confident since I love dressing women with character !!!

What does Krikor love seeing a woman wear?

I love seeing women wearing anything that can bring out her real identity no matter what style or brand it is. You are what you wear.

What does he hate seeing people wear ?

I find that every individual has his or her own sense of style which in turn is fabulous because this is what makes each person special.