Kenneth Cole Collection and The New Basics

For 30 years now, you wanted basics, you went to Kenneth Cole and picked up some of his simple, wear any-anywhere shoes (and, later, accessories and clothes) at thoroughly decent prices. Now the designer is extending his reach and channeling his muted urban-sophisticate aesthetic into a higher-quality, higher-priced line called Kenneth Cole Collection. With a focus on finer wools and leathers and closer, more sartorial fits, most of the new line is black, gray, or midnight blue — this is still Kenneth Cole we’re talking about here — and loaded with discreet yet distinctive details (a thin, high-notch lapel on a black blazer, the textured pony accents on the leather boots at right). Cole wants to help men look their best in the most understated way possible, and given the newly sober mood of men’s style, he couldn’t have chosen a better time to make his move.