Jack Guisso: The Tango

Designer Jack Guisso has recreated winter elegance while breaking the barrier of traditional season colors. Thus was his Haute Couture fall/winter 2010 collection… out of the ordinary, no doubt, with sensual designs and a unique theme: The “Tango”.

The collection was displayed at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, during New York fashion week. While preserving his initial ready-to-wear trend, Jack Guisso creatively reinvented his concept through the use of “happy” colors”, turning gloomy winter into a season full of life! Light shades were introduced, such as silver that brings out a woman’s simple beauty during fancy parties, extremely fresh light pink and champagne, symbolizing charm and elegance. However, warm and classic colors were not completely forgotten, such as bottle-green and indigo-blue, a very modern and yet royal color, suited to dress all women for the most glamorous occasions.

The “Tango” collection is no doubt homogenous; comprising harmonious designs characterized by their length and unified style. However, the flowing of each gown is defined by its type of fabric. Jack Guisso made sure to use different types of fabric in a few designs, wishing to sublimate femininity into infinite grace. Chiffon, for example, appeared on several dresses, flowing as ever and opposing the harsh nature of winter; as for lace, it stood at the heart of the collection, adding its share of charm and warmth to the gowns.

Designer Jack Guisso preserves his continuity amidst the world of ready-to-wear while shining in that of Haute Couture, thanks to the precision of his drawings and embroidery in the “Tango” collection. A unique wedding gown completed the fashion show, impressing the audience with its width, sewing, extension and embroideries… a dazzling dress meant to accompany a princess down the aisle…