It’s a Love Thing Think Ahead for Valentines

Following on from the success of Tabbah’s 2009 Copacabana collection, the Love series celebrates positive emotion and style with a launch timed to coincide with Valentine’s Day 2010. “Love is the most beautiful promise that can be made,” says designer Nagib Tabbah. “The idea for this bracelet was to capture an eternal message that goes beyond creed and culture, and binds us all in peace and happiness.”

Rendered in the juiciest of colour palettes, with a hand-designed font inspired by 1960s bubblelicious pop and the era of free love, Tabbah’s Love bracelet is a joyful expression of euphoria and charm. “Inspiration for the Copacabana collection came from music, and in particular the samba music of the 1960s,” says Tabbah. “The Love bracelet echoes elements of the graphics, colours and styles of the 1960s and 70s – there are flavours of the Jimi Hendrix Experience albums – but reinterpreted for contemporary times. The Love bracelet pays homage to the counterculture of the 1960s, an era that continues to define us today.”