Intimissimi Winter Collection (7)

Intimissimi could only choose Venice, the international emblem of sensuality and charm, for the last and precious leg of its Italian Journey.
Since June 2012, Intimissimi has promoted and has been ambassador to the #italianjourney concept and thus the Italian dream, creating and promoting the hashtag #italianjourney, keyword that embodies a concept in a single word, designed to be used in conversations on social network channels.

Intimissimi Winter Collection (25)
Winter 2013 in Venice was interpreted as ultimate metaphor of the new sensuality of the brand by the new star, Tamara Lazic through the lens of Raphael Mazzucco.

Highly seductive images portray Tamara wearing and interpreting the new winter garments: bold cuts that wrap the body, garments accessorized with fringe and lace, tone-on-tone beads, light details, for a woman who finds her own soul sexy.

Transparency and lace in total black play with the night, its magic and its lights, for photos – postcards reminiscent of the cinema and a romantic star, an undisturbed experience.

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