Ice-Watch: Concept and Value

Change, you can and become an Ice-Watch® collector

Advantages of Change:

The cross-point between social value and identity.

Change is a social value: everybody changes their mobile phones, clothes and accessories…

With Ice-Watch® you can change for 3 reasons:

– Affordable price: Ice-Watch® is the answer to all impulsive purchases

– Colors adaptable to your life and your mood

– Adaptable to your activities (work, sports, holidays, parties)

Because you change, you need more than one watch and… and you can start collecting.

The “Becubic” is the best packaging to start a collection. Reusable as a piggy bag, the “becubic” follows the collection with its colors, plating or transparency. It is the identity of the brand.





Ice-Watch is:

– An international, intercultural and inter-generational watch.

– A symbol of purity, transparency & freshness.

– A luxury aspect in the twinkling of the eye: rose gold, chrono, stone made with Crystallized Swarovski elements.

Ice-Summer 2011: Available in 8 colors and 3 sizes from USD 120 to USD 135


CASE: solid polycarbonate

BAND: silicone

DIAL: sunray dial

MOVEMENT: miyota 2115


Sizes: Small 38mm 32 gr

Unisex 43mm45 gr

Big: 48mm54 gr

Ice-Jelly: Available in 10 colors and 1 size only at USD 120


CASE: transparent polycarbonate

BAND: transparent polyurethane

MOVEMENT: miyota 2035


Size Unisex only: Dial 43mm / 45gr

Available at:

Ice-Watch Le Mall Sin El Fil

Ice-Watch InterContinental Mzaar Hotel

Ice-Watch Kaslik, Main Road Fahd Center

Ice-Watch Le Mall Saida

For Other Point of Sales, call 70 097032, or visit: