How to Wear Leather Shorts and Skirts

A major trend this season is leather shorts and skirts. They’re all over the runways and clothes racks in stores. So, if you don’t own a pair yet, what are you waiting for?

In case you do own a pair or two, but are still uncertain on how to wear them, here are a few ideas that are certain to get that outfit popping:

Ladylike Shirts: Wearing shirts with soft, feminine fabrics like lace and silk go very well with leather shorts as they give a great textural contrast. That way you can avoid looking like a biker chick.

Black Tights: Since these leather shorts and skirts are very revealing, pair them up with semi-sheer black tights or better yet, patterned tights for a more fun and feminine look.

Neutral Heels: Wear sexy, neutral-colored heels that aren’t too tall – preferably pumps or ankle boots – to look like a sexy seductress. Stay away from bright colors to avoid looking like a bimbo.

Vintage-Inspired Accessories: An eye-catching handbag, bangles, a cool necklace, anything to make your look more interesting but not too messy.

Smoky eye makeup: This is the perfect makeup to go with a leather skirt or shorts. Stay away from red lipstick.