How to Dress 5 Kilos Thinner!

What’s the next best thing to actually losing weight? Looking like you’ve lost weight!

Here’s how you can look almost 5 kg’s thinner because of what you’re wearing:

Matching your Shirt and Trousers: This is very cliché I know, but by wearing – let’s say – a black t-shirt with black trousers, you will look significantly thinner. If you don’t want to look too solid-colored, wear a different color pair of shoes with your outfit to make it stand out.

Balance your Proportions: Wide-Legged jeans will always give the illusion that your thighs and hips are smaller – in proportion to the wide calves. Pair these with a tight t-shirt and you’ll see the difference. Also, if you’re wearing shorts or a skirt, pair with longer top.

Wear the Right Jacket: For example, if you wear a hip-length blazer, you will look sleek. The edges will cover your hips without accentuating them; hiding all the rough areas.

Wear the Right Skirt: A pencil skirt is tight enough so that you don’t look bulky, and loose enough down through the hips so that you don’t look too curvaceous. This type of skirt slims down everyone.

Wear the Right Cardigan: Make sure your cardigan is hip-length so that your torso seems longer. Stay away from waist-length cardigans that tend to shorten your body.

Wear the Right Jeans: As mentioned above, wide-legged jeans are great for balancing out your hip to calf ratio. Also, straight leg jeans that sit on your hips make you look longer and leaner, as opposed to boot-cut jeans that sit at your waist. Pair these with heels and a patterned scarf for the perfect combo. Mid-rise jeans are also a better choice than low-rise ones since they cover your belly and love handles.

Wear the Right Waist Belts: Wearing wide, stretch belts will pull your body in and make you look thinner. You can also wear an embellished belt that will give you an hourglass shape and automatically dress up your look.

Wear the Right Dress: Try on a V-neck dress with a belt around the waist. This will flatter your curves while making you look super slim. Pick the dress in a dark color.

Wear the Right Prints: Patterns and prints always make a person look larger, but since both are extremely in fashion now, you can’t really escape them. The trick here is to pick items with small prints. The smaller the prints, the smaller you’ll look.

Wear Red: Yes ladies, believe it or not, red soaks up the light in all the right ways, slims you down, and gives you a confidence boost.

Wear the Right Shirt: Make sure your shirt ends just below the waist. If it cuts off at the waist, it automatically adds a couple of kilos to your body.

Wear the Right Coat and Scarf: Wear a wide-collar coat or chunky scarf. This will make everything from the chest down look much smaller. Remember, it’s all about balancing out your proportions.

Wear the Right Shoes: Peep toe pumps and sandals are the best. They elongate your leg without cutting at the ankle. Stay away from ankle boots as they tend to make your legs look stumpy. For bare legs, wear skin-tone pumps. They will mesh with your skin when wearing skirts or dresses and will give the illusion that your legs are much, much longer. Here’s another tip: the thicker your calves are, the thicker the heels should be.

Wear a Long Chunky Necklace: The long U effect of the necklace will make your torso seem longer and leaner. Pair it with a light-color top so that it stands out.

Wear the Right Neckline: Regardless of your shirt or dress, if it has a drape-Y or deep-V neckline, your waist will automatically look slimmer. An embellished collar will keep the main focus on your face.

Layering your Clothes Correctly: When layering, wear the darker color underneath the lighter ones.

Wear the Right Underwear: Make sure your bras hold your cleavage in place. Loose, droopy cleavage adds weight to your mid-section. Also, make sure your panties do not form ugly lines.

Wear the Right Bag: Your hand bag shouldn’t be too small or you’ll look bigger carrying that little thing around; and it shouldn’t be too big or you and your bag will both end up look shapeless. Go for a medium sized bag that ends just beneath the waist. It will compliment your curves and match your proportions perfectly.