How to Apply Smoky Eye Makeup

Since women in Lebanon absolutely love smoky eye makeup, here are a few Dos and Don’ts so that you always look sexy and not scary.

Brighten up your eyes: Usually smoky eye shadow is paired with a dark pencil on your inner lids, but there’s no harm in changing it up a little by applying white eyeliner to open your eyes up and make them look awake.

Apply minimal makeup: Smoky eye makeup is all about contrast, so make sure your eyes pop by keeping the rest of your makeup very simple. Do not add heaps of blush and dark shades of lipstick or you’ll end up looking like a runaway clown or like “one of those girls.”

Change up the Color: The base doesn’t always have to be grey or black. Once you find a color tone that suits your face, you can try other shades for smoky makeup, like brownish-purple, dark green, navy blue, and so on.

Add Some Shimmer: Smoky eye shadow doesn’t have to be matte. Adding shimmer on the inner corners is great, but do not apply it all the way to your brows, and especially not with a heavy black winged liquid eye liner – and definitely do not add red lipstick. That look just screams out: CLOWN.

Bronze it Up: When applying copper-colored smoky eye shadow, you can add some bronze shimmer to your cheekbones with some nude gloss on your lips and you’ll look like a golden goddess. Don’t over apply the shimmer though, or you’ll end up looking like a makeup commercial gone wrong. This look is great for every day.

Easy on the Black: when applying black eye shadow, keep it to a minimal so you don’t end up with a dark blob on each eye. The trick here is to apply the appropriate shading, especially around the edges, so that you don’t end up with raccoon eyes.

Strategically Apply Blush: Smile into the mirror, find your apples, and dust on a rosy shade. While brushing off the excess powder with a paper towel, use it to blend the color towards your temples – and voila!

Keep your Eyeliner Discreet: The last thing you want is wings on the sides of your eyes, reaching all the way to your temples. This is only acceptable if you’re backstage at a Moulin Rouge play, or if you’re Cleopatra. Make sure you start with a thin liner then thicken it to your liking.

NO! You do not want this!

For Sexy Cat Eyes: Border your top and bottom lash lines with the darkest shade and create a sideways V shape at the outer corners of your lid, angling a line from your bottom lid to the tip of your eyebrow. Then fill it in with your medium shade and clean up the edges with a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover. Make sure the edges are not defined.

Remember, you want to end up looking like Megan (above) not like the monster below.

This is Disgusting!

When in doubt, Google some photos of Jennifer Lopez or Diane Kruger — their makeup is always fabulous.For more intense looks, Google Kim Kardashian or Keira Knightley.