Hottest Hair Trends for Spring 2012

Fashion trends are not only about clothes, but about the entire look. To update and complete your look, here are some of hottest hair trends off the Spring 2012 fashion shows.

Glossy Hair: This may be the style that requires the least maintenance this season; a wet look that looks unfinished whether it’s knotted or loose.

Glossy Hair

Pony Tail: Although this never went out of style, it’s now at an all time high. For example, tie your hair up and wrap the pony tail with your actual hair or an eye-catching accessory.

Pony Tail

Pony Bun: This is a combination of a pony tail and a bun. There’s no limit to the different styles you can come up with when combining the two. You can wear it tight and high or loose and low.

Pony Bun

The Street Wave: For a look that’s effortless, careless but sexy and feminine, try getting a loose, subtle wave in your hair. You can use a curling iron for this, but make sure the result looks natural and carefree.

Street Wave

The Accessorized Updo: Wear your hair up in a tight or loose bun, and add accessories to it — anything from scattered hair to metallic or shiny hair pins. It’s a glamorous and feminine look.

Big Hair: Big blowouts bring back an era of glamour and elegance. For this look, you need to blow dry your hair after applying lots of mousse. Finish with hairspray.

Big Hair

Sophisticated Braids and Twists: For a graceful Grecian look, this pretty hair style is hard to pull off but the result is absolutely elegant and beautiful!

Sophisticated Braids

Sport any of the above hairstyles this season; and as long as you find the ones that suit you best, add your own personal touches, and make them look effortless, you’re guaranteed to turn heads!

Which style is your favorite?