Haute Couture Buche de Noel by Tony Ward

Lebanese fashion designer, Tony  Ward,  has  creatively  designed  a  unique  “Buche  de  Noel”:  a marvelous  blend  of  art  and  fantastic  taste  that  adds  to  the  spirit  of annual  Christmas  festivities.  The  Buche  was  finely  produced  by  the renowned  “Fleur  de  Lys”  in  limited  quantities  with  profits  going  to  LIBAMI  association  that  takes  care  of  poor  children  of  the  suburbs  of

With “Buche  de  Noel”  as  prestigious  as  his  haute  couture  designs  and delicately  chose  the  colors  ranging  from  dark  black,  to  the  shades  of  gray, and finishing with the pure white. The result is a glimmering pearl silvery a  great  delight  for  families  to  share  in  the  holy  season  of  Christmas.
Ward’s design that saw the light under the skillful hands of Chef Charles Azar  is  an  unprecedented  marriage  of  art,  talent,  and  original Christmassy  taste  signed  “Fleur  de  Lys”,  the  prestigious  caterer  that covers elegant events.

Michel  Ferneini  is  the  CEO  of  Medi  Resto  group  that  includes  “La Posta”, Lys” where Chef Maroun Chedid creates the finest culinary marvels of our country. The “Fleur de Lys” or the Iris is the symbol of French kings and nobles and  is  a  sign  of  fine  taste.  This  is  why  “Fleur  de  Lys”  is  the  key destination considered and deeply studied with utmost professionalism.

The uniqueness of the occasion reflects the holiness of the occasion and the spiritual  meaning  that  Tony  Ward,  Fleur  de  Lys  and  Libami  are conveying by drawaing a smiles on the less fortunate children in the suburbs of Beirut.