What’s Happening in The Pink Room?

BeirutNightlife meets up with two creative girls and talked to them about The Pink Room, a new fashion brand that’s intriguing in so many ways. Let’s see why!

Let’s meet the girls, Maysa-Jana Atoui and Tamara Zakharia.
Maysa is a Lebanese American, born in Virginia, USA on May 1, 1989. She graduated from International College with an International Baccalaureate in 2006, from the American University of Beirut in 2009 with a BA in Public Administration and a minor in Media Communication, and from Warwick University in United Kingdom with an MSc in Business & Management. She is currently working at Mantra Communications as an account executive for two magazines, Elle Oriental and Curve Magazine.

Tamara is a Lebanese, born in Lebanon on October 9, 1988. She graduated from SABIS with a Lebanese Baccalaureate in 2007, from the American University of Beirut in 2011 with a BA in Economics and minor in Biology. She is currently working in Leo Burnett in the client servicing department.

Far from the design world. The two have nourished an extraordinary close friendship for the past 5 years and with this friendship they had nourished a common interest in fashion. That interest turned into an ambition and a dream that they made come true.

Why the name The Pink Room?

We tossed and turned and all the names we were coming up with weren’t quite right and not exactly soulful. We shared this concern with a friend of ours and she asked us a curious question that hit home: Where were all the ideas generated? It all happened in Maysa-Jana’s bedroom. That bedroom is not only where the friendship and girly midnight talks happened, but also where the whole business happened. In that pink room we had meetings about the concept, midnight talks about fabric, discussions about designs over dinner and buttons and pockets over dessert. All in that pink room!

Tell us about your concept and designs.

As young ladies are working their way to the top, their lifestyle becomes one big fast track. Wardrobe changes happen last minute in bathroom stalls and back seats of their car.

The Pink Room has launched simple dresses, designed for work during the day and fun in the afternoon or night without having to waste time making wardrobe changes in between. All you need to do is change from a pair of flats into a pair of heels and your wardrobe changes from an office dress to a simple evening dress. The designs are simple, practical and trendy, focusing on dresses and bringing out the femininity and elegance of every woman.

Designs are available in all sizes and upon customization. We will soon be launching a website that enables our customers to chose from the available models and fabrics and customize their own unique dress upon their color, design and textile preference. But for now, we have our dresses on our Facebook page “the pink room.”

Within a year, we also aim to have our designs in our own shop which will also include a workshop (sort of a backstage to the shop) where we will display, sell and manufacture the dresses.

What materials do you use?
For our first collection, the summer 2011 collection, we relied greatly on fabric used to manufacture men’s shirts. We believe that it gives the dress a very nice edge. We also have a fetish for patterned, floral, striped and polka-dot fabric. So we try to include one of this diversity in each design. We also accessorized the dresses with buttons and bows since we know that these two ornaments are very much loved.

For the fall winter collection we will continue using this material, but we will also be using something new. That will be kept as a surprise…

We can’t wait!