Girls and their Toys: Hats Top 10 Tips

Yup, girls love their toys too. Check out dos and don’ts for wearing your hat this season and avoid a faux-pas! See how you can mix and match it to your clothes, position it, and choose it to fit the shape of your face on
1-Do Use a Brimmed Hat to Frame Your Face
If you’ve fallen in love with a hat with a brim, make sure that it is scaled just right for your face and body. Monet Mazur’s wool menswear hat is just about perfect: it features a neutral color that flatters her skin and the slightly dipped brim brings focus to her face.
2-Don’t: Wear Matchy-Matchy Looks
Leather hat with leather jacket? Eww. It goes beyond matchy-matchy to just being way too much of a good thing in the case of this Sharon Stone mishap. She would’ve done much better by adding a chunky knit cap or tweeedy newsboy to contrast with the leather jacket.
3-Do Wear a Print Hat
Menswear-print caps are a very cute addition to solid clothing, like this houndstooth cap actress Yohana Cobo paired with graphic black and white.
4-Don’t Wear Stupid Retro Hats
There’s a very good reason some things go out of style: they were lame to begin with. In the example of the 80s-ubiquitous little black hat, it’s a style that only Boy George could pull off. Fergie should have passed.
5-Do Leave Hair Showing with a Knit Cap
Even chunky knit caps aren’t meant to for stuffing every strand of hair inside. Leave bangs or wisps showing around the face like Erin O’Connor did with this hat. Also, position the knit beret back far enough on the head that it doesn’t look crammed on.
6-Don’t Use a Hat to Save a Bad Outfit
A hat should complete a look, not save it. In the case of Mary Kate Olsen, this oddly shaped hat (modified conehead?) just plays up the sloppiness of the rest
of her look.
7-Do Use Hats to Polish Up Denim
A great way to dress up your denim? Add a hat. But not just any hat will do. In the case of Christina Applegate, she chose a tweedy cap that pulled together her many layers (blazer, vest) and elevated the whole look to casual perfection.
8-Don’t Wear a Baseball Cap
Reach for a baseball cap (or even worse, trucker hat) as a last resort. It won’t dress up your look; in fact, it usually downgrades everything a notch or two,
as in this Tia Carrere look.
9-Do Play Up the Masculine-Feminine Vibe
Just because you are wearing a fedora doesn’t mean you should skimp on makeup and jewelry. In fact, by playing up the contrast (feminine woman wearing
masculine hat) you’ll look sexy like Melody Thornton with her red lips and diamond earrings.
10-Don’t Try Exaggerated Shapes
If you’re new to hat wearing, know that a well-scaled hat is your most flattering option. Many women break this rule quite successfully (especially the ladies
at Ascot) but if Christie Brinkley can look bad in this huge hat just think what an outsized hat will do to mere mortals.