Gilbert Halaby-Accessories with a Buzz

From archaeology to finance and now fashion accessories, Gilbert Halaby is not your average Lebanese designer. “I explored many dimensions in my life and realized that I was meant to be in Rome,” says Halaby. Based in the capital of design and creativity, Rome gave Halaby the opportunity to excel in his creativity. His latest collection is all about rock chic with a touch of elegance.

Using materials like brass dipped in gold, silver and anthracite gives each piece a unique look. Gilbert also adds multi-coloured Plexi-Glass to create something new. “It’s a new approach towards ‘bling-bling’. It’s so déjà vu to see crystals applied next to each other. It in my opinion it cheapens the item. Using Plexi with some Swarovski crystals on raw materials give a new feel towards accessorizing.”

Halaby, like most designers today, has taken us back to the 80’s, that industrial urban chic look that suits everyone, no matter how old you are or no matter what style you have.

“You could be wearing something very classical and add a cuff from my design. I think it’s about attitude at the end of day. One should not be too self-cautious and say“oh I have short fingers,” or “this and that doesn’t suit me”… Its how you present yourself when you wear an item.”

Halaby insists on the importance of creating a question mark look. “I think it’s great to have people look at you and wonder… What is she wearing? How did she manage to wear this item with that? etc.”

The designer’s advice is not to mix and match everything. You don’t have to wear black accessories only because you are wearing a black dress. On the contrary break it up with something blue or emerald green. Make people wonder

The colors he uses are emerald green, grey, blue (which he says is the new black), black and white in winter is ‘Wow’ as well as salmon and orange to name a few.