Fat-Burning and Weight-Reducing Foods

A healthy diet combined with regular exercise is the best way to maintain a toned body and stay fit. Here are some food suggestions that put you on the fast track to a flat tummy, higher metabolism, loss of water retention, cellulite reduction, healthier blood circulation, more radiant skin, and fat reduction.

Almonds: a handful a day

Leafy greens: a generous portion with every meal

Oats: a portion for breakfast

Olive oil: a teaspoon with your salad

Peppermint: boil it and drink it as a tea, three times a day

Green tea: two to three cups per day

Seaweed: whenever available, or a portion per day

Beans: a couple of portions per week

Apple cider vinegar: use as salad dressing whenever possible

Cranberry juice: a glass every morning

Asparagus: whenever available, with your salad or as a side

Tomatoes: one with your salad

Garlic: add a raw clove to your food

Chili: add one chili pepper to your food each day

Bananas: one per day, especially before exercising

Watermelons: half a melon per day, an hour after lunch

Cucumbers: slice one or two up with your daily lunch salad

Fennel: have it as tea whenever available

Red berries: a handful with your breakfast or after lunch

Cinnamon: a sprinkle on your cooking

Ginger: whenever available; drink as tea

Artichoke: an artichoke, eaten whole, whenever available

Brown rice: substitute for white rice, whenever possible

Avocado: eat half an avocado when eating spicy food

Quinoa: eat as a substitute for bulgur and rice

Sunflower seeds: a handful when available

Pistachios: a handful as a snack

Low-fat natural yogurt: a portion or two per day

Salmon: a steamed or grilled portion as a substitute for red meat, whenever possible

Papaya: half a papaya after lunch

Pineapple: a couple of slices after lunch or during breakfast

Black pepper: sprinkle some on your food

Celery: whenever available, add some to your cooking or salad

Lentils: a couple of portions per week

Red peppers: add to your salad or cooking whenever available