Fashion Tips for Winter Style

For when it’s really cold, try wearing a longer coat. Yes ladies, they’re still in! Not only are they super warm, but they make you look taller and slimmer. Don’t forget to pair it up with high-heeled pumps or boots so that your coat doesn’t hit the floor. You want to look glamorous, not homeless!

Since the cold, cloudy, grey weather may get us all a bit down, there’s no rule that says we should stick to dull colors during the winter seasons. Bright-colored coats go well with all sorts of colors and are an excellent substitute to black or grey. Pair these brightly-colored coats with neutrals, especially if your coat is red – but don’t pair red with white or you’ll end up looking like Mrs. Clause.

Pair a bulky knitted scarf and hat with your blazer or leather jacket to add texture and style to your look. But stay away from wearing them with bulky jackets – you don’t want to end up looking like a bear.

Wearing sheer pantyhose is only for a classic look. When attempting to look stylish, the last thing you should do is wear trendy furry boots with shorts or a mini skirt and sheer pantyhose. You’ll end up looking very skanky! For these trendy looks, stick to colored or printed pantyhose.

We all need a big comfortable jacket for those freezing cold days. Buy them in dark colors or in beige, but not in white! You do not want to end up looking like the abominable snowman.