Fashion in Beirut 2010


Beirut Celebrates Fashion It’s been a month of high fashion for Lebanese designers, both in the country and abroad. Big names such as Georges Chakra, Elie Saab, Rabih Kairouz, Basil Soda among other strutted the international podiums of Rome and Paris, wowing the crowds with their unique designs… each with a theme and feel for the SS’10 collection… 

 Other relatively new fashion designers had the chance to show their creativity at the Wedding Follies event, one of the biggest wedding exhibitions in the country, which took place recently. They showed of their talents through a number of fashion shows to the amazement and delight of the local fashion crowd. 

 These young designers, gifted and refined, represent an up and coming generation of creative talent that seems set to take the planet by storm and establish Beirut as a major global hub. 

 Fashion month was full of other events, including a cocktail party held by one of Lebanon’s prominent designers, Michael Fenici. He designs high end suits for elite men with refined taste. The party gathered a number of prestigious people who enjoyed big paneled images of social figures wearing Fenici’s designs. 

Whether it’s a stylish cocktail dress or an elegant suit, all tastes and desires have been accommodated. The designs we see span the ages, stretching a hand back to the classic elegance of the past while at the same time stepping boldly towards a future where the limits of creativity simply don’t exist. 

 Fashion is more than just an art form, as we’ve seen again and again – it’s a celebration of life, human beauty, and the inspiration of the human spirit. The exclusive, chic collections you find in the following pages will certainly reify this truth. No appetite should go unsatisfied by this tableau. 

 If you love beauty, culture, aesthetic forms, inspiration… in short, if you love fashion, Beirut is the place to be! 



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