Fashion Forward: Metallic Pant Trend

Courtesy of NewYork Times

Fashion designers flaunted the metallic pant trend on the runways. This look was mostly seen in the form of pants. Although some say that it doesn’t flaunt the body, I personally think that these pants have an ultra-edgy appeal.  Mind you, some look totally futuristic while others are somehow a new version of the 1950s look.

Metallics are also found in tops, sweaters, jumpers and dresses, why not pants.

My tip though is when you’re wearing these pants keep the rest of the look toned down. You don’t want to overwhelm people around you and you don’t want to look tin man!

This statement pant is definitely a look reserved for nightwear, but could it translate into a normal college girl’s wardrobe? I think so. If a metallic pant was toned down and in a denim shape as opposed to a trouser, it could make for the perfect going-out ensemble.

Who knows, you better go try them and decide for yourself…