Fadi Nahleh Haute Couture Collection for Spring-Summer 2012

Amazing impressions prevail the modern collection of couturier Fadi NAHLEH for spring and summer 2012. With his non-classic, warm colors and intricate design, modernity is brilliantly mingled with fashion to challenge audacity in its superior artistic style. His designed paintings overflow with femininity and creativity to give the elegant, modern woman a charming peculiarity and an enchanting spark.

Every piece of his collection, which consists of 38 dresses and 7 wedding dresses, proves to be unique with its special artistic fashion and dazzling influence. Nonetheless, the distinguishing features, revealing proficiency and accuracy blend with courteous artistic language, weaved on delicate fabric as chiffon, to imprint bodies of ladies seeking absolute peculiarity.  Couturier Fadi NAHLEH took care of embroidery when he used it simply once, and abundantly another, creating a peculiar painting for each of his designs independently. He adopted precious stones to endlessly draw ­­­­­his designs in harmony with the fabric color. For instance, he used the turquoise gem with turquoise dresses and the multi-sized Swarovski with others; moreover, he meticulously drew on chiffon using silk threads on parts he chose on dresses.

The many layers of different fabric, though muslin was dominant, enabled the couturier Fadi NAHLEH to give his designs gentle, feminine dimensions, where every layer hides a special artistic mystery not disclosed to the delicately-embellished apparent layers. It is quite obvious that dentelle has occupied a wide range of his collections with its elevated femininity and the wine color chosen for some designs and other colors for others. As to organza, it occupied its own rank with its different shapes appearing at the bottom of dresses revealing splendid beauty.

In addition to the smooth touch and magnificence appearing at the bottom of designs, brilliance is revealed in the upper parts of other one-shoulder or two-shoulder dresses where some captivating artisanship was worked-out, to reach its peak in dresses ornamented with woven fabric itself, or done with high proficiency of wonderful embroidery. Some other designs appeared attached with a foulard, where the dress figure was stretched out to flap on the lady sides inspiring enchanting appearance.

Colors varied between blue and blue derivatives, turquoise, fawn, beige, dark yellow, violet and violet derivatives, and pink and black. Some designs were mere natural paintings because of their embellishing multi colors that defeated the sovereignty of one, particularly, when embroidery was made of the woven fabric. The use of glittering colors had its impact, as well, on making dresses dance with their awesome colorful contradictions.

As to wedding dresses, that is a different story. Couturier Fadi NAHLEH designed them as simply and delicately, giving the night of dreams a brilliant spark, for he presented one with the most proficiency, to show another with the most appealing embroidery inciting magnificence and beauty. Astounding brilliance, in the language of couturier Fadi NAHLEH, predominates the sophisticated audacity he had chosen for a distinctive fashion style.