Ella Zahlan READY-MADE Couture Collection for Summer 2013




Dynamic lively Season


The dynamic lively season enriched by the blossoms of fashionable clothes of Ella Zahalan unveils the colors of joy and various clothing styles entitled by the concept of “The Simplicity is the Beauty”. Ella Zahalan placed the practical elegance at the top of her priorities in the course of her new collection of ready-made clothes for 2013 summer season. This collection glows with charm which results from blending two classic colors in a modern and impressive style in addition to the diversity in fabrics and sewing techniques.

The variety of the energetic lively designs reveals the artistic creativity. Therefore, the collection that comprises of 15 dresses varies between Short Cocktail dresses, and long dresses, both flavored by the classy touch of the designer Ella Zahalan regarding the liveliness and vitality of the styles. The long dresses appear to be mostly smooth and loose which enhances the svelte presence of women through the artistic range that the designer gives to the bottom of the dress, unlike the upper part that is tight on the chest. In addition, a black dress was presented in a mermaid style, and another was open from its bottom till the upper part of the knee which reveals an extraordinary elegance.


On the other hand, the short dresses present a youthful look which conveys a joyful character to the summer evenings and occasions. This creative touch is enhanced by color blending between black and white through engravings and paintings that garnish the fabrics sometimes, and needlework that penetrates into the main color creating a color contradiction. Moreover, its styles are stretched to the top covering the chest, and drawing the interest towards the upper part due to needlework performed in an elegant and charming way in this area, and up rises to the shoulders in some of the designs. One of the short dresses prevailed due to its elegance and boldness. Most of its fabrics are made of professionally sewed lace, and between the satin and lace fabrics appears a belt wrapping the waist tied with a brooch showing the femininity of the woman wearing it. Nevertheless, an outstanding design arises with its shiny bead fabrics decorated by a soft painting at its bottom from the same bead fabric. At the top of the shoulders shows up lace in a charming way to glow the dreamy evenings.


What comes into light in this collection are the distinct colors that make the collection pump with life. These colors are white, black, pink, powder rose, melon yellow which reflects the dynamic summer spirit. The designer Ella Zahalan created the collection using smooth, soft, and loose fabrics like muslin, satin, chiffon, and lace which overflows with vitality and femininity, and offers women a distinctive charming presence driving a feeling of joy and comfort, and enriches her with remarkable elegance.

The smooth and simple needlework that distinguishes this collection uncovers its outstanding elegant presence due to the small crystal stone needlework sparkled on the abdomen, chest, waste, and bottom of the dresses, or simply a brooch that breaks the united color of the design. However, the lace itself was the main ingredient of some designs, or roses of the same fabrics and color, yet studded.  In addition to the blended paintings inside the fabric which gives the design a special flavor.

On all standards, this dynamic collection complies in its glory with the haut couture charm. Furthermore, it enriches the elegant youthful look of women’s presence to which Ella Zahalan granted a special glory in her artistic vision that considers the women’s elegant and classy look as a priority.