Elie Saab Revives Lebanon as Fashion Capital

For the first time in 18 years, the world renowned Lebanese fashion designer, Elie Saab showcases his designs in Lebanon, in the historic Beirut Souks. The designer was waiting for this moment as his breathtaking fashion show took place during the official inauguration of Beirut Souks.

Elie Saab’s presence has attracted thousands of people who played a part in the return of Beirut as the center of international designers’ and the revival of the fact that Lebanon is still the fashion hub of the Middle East.

Elie Saab said:

I am taking part in the inauguration of the Beirut Souks because I am very proud of this huge project and I am very well aware that it will highly contribute to the prosperity of the economic activity in Lebanon. I have long been waiting for this moment.

Although his employees have always been based in Lebanon, Saab’s absence from Lebanon had nothing to do with his belief in the country.  Saab stressed that he had never thought of leaving the country despite any security or political concerns. He has always been based in Lebanon.

Saab insists that he can not keep on thinking of the political and security problems in Lebanon as it will create hurdles from moving the country forward.

He believes that now is the time to attract the international media further, develop a fashion week in Lebanon. Saab praises the local talent, “The Lebanese youths are very creative and I have always wanted Lebanon to be one of the biggest fashion capitals in the world. I think that we will be able to reach this goal very soon.”

Saab pushes all of us to think positively and continue to play a role in developing Lebanon further… This is only beginning – a wow show that has turned the international media on Lebanon!

About the collection revealed:
Mysterious Femininity

Pure, absolute black. Like strokes from a charcoal drawing, lines contour the silhouette, etching out draping and cut-outs.

The collection is a variation on lace, from bodysuits to a dress in mocha wool crêpe, by turns sheathed, cut out and gathered. A trompe l’oeil forest motif encircles the body like ivy. Graphic prints create a futuristic allure on a dress with tiny flat pleats that mimic bark. The interplay of cut and transparency creates abstraction on a dress in purple-red or larch green that accentuates the shoulders and skims the body with asymmetric draping.

For evening, lace bustiers and sequined gowns in peacock blue, chrome green, grenadine and metallic black embrace the shoulders and stand out for their graphic construction.

The show closes with a series of evening gowns in stone, burgundy, leafy green, midnight blue and tulle that appears shaded in black. Lace and sequined tulle create a cloud of lightness.

BNL Photographer: Wissam Hishmi