Dress Up Your Eyes And Impress With MAKE UP FOR EVER


Imagine the possibilities of dressing up your eyes in any look you desire in just 3 steps.  MAKE UP FOR EVER launches its For Ever Bridal “La3younik” campaign which presents the 3 must-have products that will satisfy every look and style you desire for your eyes, putting you in the spotlight!

From the most natural to the most surreal look, these 3 fabulous must-haves adapt your eyes to every fashion trend, occasion and mood.

It is no secret that women are in constant search for the perfect eyes… the following 3 steps and products will definitely help you achieve just that!

Step 1: Shape eyebrows with Aqua Brow

Aqua Brow… that perfect waterproof eyebrow corrector with a creamy gel texture to guarantee you extremely long-lasting flawless eyebrows. You don’t have to even worry about finding the right brush as it comes with 2 complementary eyebrow brushes to make it easier for you to achieve numerous shapes for your eyebrows.

Step 2: Accessorize lashes with False Lashes  

Single eyelashes #9 and False lashes #157 are definitely must-have accessories that emphasize and add depth to your eyes in a natural way. Playing with these 2 lashes can help you achieve any look you desire ranging from natural when applied separately to dramatic look when applied on top of another. Both False lashes come with complementary adhesive to make sure your lashes are fixed well.

Step 3: Adorn your eyes with Aqua Black

Aqua Black, MAKE UP FOR EVER’s best seller, is an ultra-pigmented waterproof cream which can be used as an eyeliner and eyeshadow to offer you endless eye-catching looks. With Aqua Black, you will be able to easily try out various eyeliner techniques for different stunning looks everyday.