David Atrach Takes Us Back in Time

In his latest collection, designer David Atrach transports us to the magnificent palace of Versailles and into the  chambers of Marie Antoinette. A place that he revisits, reinvents, reinterprets and updates in his own way to come up with a collection of  sublime gowns… 20 dresses which reflect a history so rich and abundant in details and refined finishing, reliving the heyday of lavish balls and royal festivals  with a younger touch and a more modern feel. By  unfolding such a unique collection, that will undoubtedly always be one of his most successful ones, the talented designer played a winning card: that of  originality and innovation, for he chose to turn his collection into a movie in which his dresses are the heroines. So be on the lookout for  that special video clip that will soon be broadcast on TV… and for those dresses that are bound to seduce you!

David Atrach is a Lebanese talented, dynamic and experienced fashion designer who has been immersed in the world of fashion since childhood. Growing up in a family of successful fashion designers has influenced his love for fashion and his creative flair.
David’s work is a mix of fresh trendy designs with stunning and chic innovations. Every detail speaks for itself, he carefully researches, designs and crafts each gannent ensuring its uriqueness and quality.
In 2009, he launched his own label DAVID ATRACH COUTURE focusing on bridal gowns, evening and cocktail dresses.