Clip It, Stick It, Dig it: Bag Gadgets


Italian Vogue wins our heart with sentimental dangling add-ons to sport around: We all had them growing up. Tchotchkes, or mini mementos that we would tie onto backpacks, attach to a cell phone or adorn a key chain with. It was fun and fast way to remember a moment in time with friends or a trip taken with the family.



But ever since Miuccia Prada came out with her robot key chains made out of spare parts, which she hooked onto her handbags back in 2004, these keepsake became something much more than just a cute reminder of a moment in time. They were a chic new accessory that could quickly update any look by just clipping the latest version onto a bag, or even wearing it on a belt or dangling off a cell phone.

The price tags for these keepsakes can be steep. A vintage Prada robot can cost close to $200 today on ebay. But that is nothing compared to having to buy a new designer handbag or a new pair of “it” shoes. In fact, it’s a rather cost effective way to show the world that you still have your finger on the fashion pulse even if your wallet can’t finance a full fashion reboot every season.



Any fun stuff you’ve been dangling around?