Classic Suits – Latest Trends

We scoop the latest trends in men’s  classics. The suit will always reign supreme where men’s fashion is concerned. Men’s suits don’t often conform to the change in seasonal trends which is why buying a well tailored, quality suit is a great investment. A modern take on the classics is what we are seeing on the runway with a slight move away from the “skinny boy’s” suit but that’s not to say that slim is out altogether. This season, men’s formal wear has been created with an element of classic versatility to accentuate the man’s masculine frame through the key silhouette elements: broad shoulders, a slim waist and slim trousers.

Formal jackets are showing a lot of flair this season, with a diverse range of fabrics and trimmings. Single and double breasted are both trendy but the body type should determine which style to choose. Double breasted suits will generally give the illusion of a larger frame while sing breasted suits will give a more slimming appearance.

The latest formal wear has been designed predominantly in dark colors. Black is most prevalent on the runways, with charcoal grey coming in a close second.

A smart, tidy, tailored look is what every man should aim for this season.