Chafai: Customize your Bag

Chafai handbags and jewelry now at ‘Over the Rainbow’ boutique

Chafai, an inimitable line of handbags and jewelry can now be found at ‘Over the Rainbow’ boutique, in Gemayzeh. Chafai, pronounced ‘sha-fay’, is the brainchild of three like-minded individuals, that fuse their creativity for each piece designed. The range of items includes night-time clutches, day bags and unique pieces of jewelry, whether earrings, cuff bracelets and necklaces. The latest chafai collection, injected with bright leather shades and gold-plated designs has now been showcased for the public to see. Ghada Haidar and her two daughters, Farah and Ceem, came together three years ago, each with a hidden talent. chafai seeks to combine these talents, along with the finest bits and pieces brought back from the world over. As such, each chafai bag carries a multitude of cultures in one, and the chafai jewelry pieces, designed by Ceem, allow you to flaunt years of sentiment that have been spoken through one design.

However, with their latest collection, the trio have brought more to the table than just fashion, as they explained. “We wanted our latest line to speak of the trends of today, yet pay tribute to styles, cultures and iconic pieces that have inspired us, but are long gone,” they explained. How so? The latest emblems and finely-crafted pieces may be conventional in terms of the idea, yet are designed and enthused with a sense of modernity and completed with an abstract twist. The range includes: skulls, Fatima’s hand, scriptures, popular phrases and bows, as well as some novel items. chafai’s range can also be customized, whether a shade of a handbag that you desire, or a jewelry piece with your name subliminally designed into a motif. Visit ‘Over the Rainbow’ boutique, in Gemayzeh, right after Paul, to see the latest collection.