Bulgari – Mediterranean Moods

Mediterranean moods and Bulgari’s striking style are the creative sparks behind the new sunglasses collection for Spring-Summer 2011.

Opening the range is an exclusive limited edition model inspired by the superb emerald earrings that Julianne Moore wore in Bulgari’s “Eccentric Charisma” advertising campaign. The pearly black acetate frame has two large faceted emerald green crystals mounted in a setting on the temples that echoes the superb craftsmanship of the earrings to which the line is dedicated. The frame is also available in a shaded grey acetate version with a ruby red crystal that is smaller but more dazzling due to the “talc” effect of the stone obtained through a special mirror finish that accentuates its brilliance.

In the new Leoni line, the iconic motif with the two opposing lion heads, available in pale gold or silver metal, hugs the temples laser-cut with the BVLGARI logo of two exclusive acetate frames with gradient lenses for an alluring retro look. The first model has a square frame front and a chevron motif in shades of brown, black and red, while the second model has an intriguing round frame front and comes in colours ranging from classic black and white to more captivating cocoa and spotted Havana brown.

Vivacity and colour are the specific traits of the line inspired by Bulgari’s famous Sassi jewellery collection, with cabochon gems mounted on the acetate temples that come in different shades including dark Havana brown and blue with brown streaks. Glass stones in topaz yellow, sapphire blue, amethyst purple, and emerald green, mounted in groups of five on each temple and with a larger central stone inserted in a sort of jewelled setting, create seductive colour combinations that give this unique model an amazing luminosity.

In the Parentesi line, the traditional iconic motif is reproduced on enamel on these trendy young frames and serves as a connecting element between the acetate frame fronts and the polychromatic temples that remind the gemstones’ universe and also evoke the chromatic richness of Mediterranean majolica tiles and the flowered patios of Andalusia.

Closing the collection is the impeccably elegant Monete line in which the ancient coin motif, which often returns on Bulgari’s famous jewellery, adorns the slim temples of sophisticated frames available in several colours, including black, pearly red and streaked brown.