Beyoncé’s in a bikini for her new H&M campaign


Mrs Carter has stripped off in the new campaign for the highstreet store. She is officially what Danny Dyer would call “a sort”

Now that the sun has finally decided to come out of its four-year hibernation, we feel much happier about looking at pictures of lovely celebrities in bikinis, tossing about on the beach in St Barts, because it won’t be that long until we’re on holiday ourselves.


And in a brilliant piece of timing, highstreet giants H&M have just released pictures of international icon of bootyliciousness Beyoncé sporting several bikinis and showing off her incredible body in the process.


The 31-year-old mum-of-one smoulders in a variety of “Hi! I’m in a bikini” poses, including reclining on a lounger, laying on what appears to be a large turquoise lilo and standing up with her arms in the air (our pose of choice, tres flattering)

Beyonce-for-HM-1833666 Beyonce-for-HM-1833670