Be Cool with Organic Leather!

We all follow trends and want to look our best. But we can do so with a bit of conscious. Today. organic fashion is stepping up the trend ladder, with a variety of goods that are purely organic in nature yet keeping the stylish side of it. BNL meets the Lebanese designers behind an organic line of leather accessories, Organic Leather. They prove that the future of fashion is Organic.

In 2010, founders of Organic Leather, Sevine Samadi with partner Rowan Gabrielle launched their first first accessories line, which centers around their signature product the “Union Bangle” complimented by a growing range of pendants, bangles, earrings, belts, charms and bags.

Organic Leather founded in 2002, is a pioneer in the organic leather industry and works with a wide range of both Eco and Organic Leathers. All of our leather is either organically or ecologically tanned (in both cases, using 100% plant based tannins, with out any harsh chemicals), and where ever possible our hides are from organically raised animals, which we track from farm to finish – Our organic leather is farmed and tanned in the UK, and our eco leather is from South America.

Our aspiration for the future is to be a fashion forward brand that inspires people to “look cool while being cool”.