Basil Soda: A/W 2010-2011

Quest for the Phoenicians
There was a woman, half-real, half mirage, whose features seemed timeless, whose age was impossible to tell that crossed my upper box. It seems telepathy works every time.

Fi leaned in close and whispered her secret:

‘Leave your dream inside your head, where it can roam free and expand for long. Once born, made concrete, it will be at the mercy of the harsh winds of reality.

Did you ever look up at the skies, charged with a burning, wordless need? That’s where I came from, laughing, crying, urging you on, cautioning you to pay attention’.

I absorbed, and answered:

You are the mirror, reflecting the world back on to me; an endless world, filled with possibilities. I will take your wisdom and craft it into ethereal, flowing lines.
I will take your light, turn them into diamonds, that never lose their shine.

Your language shall live forever.

This season, Basil Soda trades his inspiration in the form of colors and shapes that play off each other to honor the inside of every woman.

Blue zircon, black and fuchsia stand boldly before the subtler, whisper-tones of skin rose and off-white. From chiffon to ziberline, the lines and shapes of this collection celebrate the feminine form, while refusing to trade on its eternal mystique.