Afkart- Meet Lebanon’s Modern Creative Talents

This week end, if you have planned your weekend already, we have just the right thing for you to do during that “In between time.”

Afkart’s annual exhibition, which celebrates the creations of Lebanese artists, fashion and accessories designers, is taking place in Beirut Souks. A perfect place to go discover the city further as well as enjoy a walk among the latest and modern and exclusive talents that Lebanon boasts…

My personal favorite is Paisley,  Rima and Nuha, the creatives behind the brand, have excelled with their simple, fashionable, comfortable designs that are most importantly affordable, in a short time. Pass by their stand and get yourself one those cute tee shirts, or a long dress that’s comfortable and stylish!

Another favorite is pop art pieces I saw by painter Rita Aad. Fairuz, Lebanese music icon in pop art beautiful colors.