27 Fashionable Outfit Ideas For Your Next Afternoon or Evening Out

Ever looked at your wardrobe and felt you have absolutely nothing to wear? How about mixing and matching to come up with new outfit ideas?

Here are some suggestions that are inspired from New York fashionistas during Spring 2012. Maybe you’ll find a cool outfit idea for your next afternoon or evening out.

photo credit: www.glamour.com

Boyfriend Shirt on Skinny Jeans


A Bright Bag


A Bright-Colored Blazer


Bright Color from Head to Toe


Bright Jeans on Black Basics


Bright Clothes with White Accessories




Colored Pleats


Evening Gown Worn With Flats During the Day


Granny Chic with a Pair of High Heels


Add Some Green


Cross Bag Worn High on the Waist


Add a Hint of Red


Cardigan Longer Than Your Shorts


Solid, Loose and Simple


Maxi Skirt + Leather Jacket


Match Different Floral Prints


Combine Different Stripes


Neon Blue on Taupe or Blush


Pajama-Like Silk Jacket


Pink on Red


Sailor Stripes


70's Style in Light Fabric


Classic & Simple - White & Black


Stylish Comfort: Slouchy on Slouchy


Tank Top Under Formal Suit


Nice White Blouse on Skinny Jeans or Leggings and High Heels