Zucca: Mixology Bar + Pizzeria

Zucca has just opened its doors in the new pedestrian nightlife spot on Downtown Beirut’s Uruguay Street. Zucca, meaning “pumpkin” in Italian, is a bar and restaurant that serves Mediterranean dishes and creative cocktails.

The venue itself is casual, comfortable and very down-to-earth. The walls are hand-painted and the details add that extra touch of charm to the simple décor of the place. The music is entertaining but not too loud and the staff is extremely friendly. The bartender can make a mean cocktail for you as you wait for your food; whether it’s a Sage Mojito or a Pimms Cocktail.

The menu is very simple, yet offers a variety of items to please all tastes. The food is uncomplicated, creative and scrumptious! The venice pizza with fresh rocket leaves, peach and sundried tomatoes is a festival for the taste buds with its daring yet compatible components. The beef mini burgers are mouthwatering. The beef is succulent and the bun is fresh and fulfilling. Enjoy each of the goat cheese, onion and mushroom mini burgers that are served with tasty thick oven baked potato wedges. The chicken quesadillas are simply a must – a delicious treat and also my personal favorite.

The ambiance is fresh and lively, especially if you’re sitting outdoors amidst the energy and bustle of the newly opened Uruguay Street; you’ll feel as though you’re not even in Lebanon. This is a perfect place for a group of friends any night of the week.

Dress code is casual.

Price per person including drinks is approximately 40 USD.

Rating: 4/5

Description: Mixology Bar + Pizzeria