What Is DineOut Lebanon?

After the massive success of BeirutNightLife, its founders are bringing you Lebanon’s very own Go-To Guide in dining all around Lebanon and beyond. Following the launch of DineOutLebanon in March 2011, it will become a one-source destination for food lovers everywhere who want to get a taste of Lebanon’s restaurant industry. Through DineOutLebanon, you can now know about the best restaurants to go to; when and where to go, what to order, what to wear, what atmosphere to expect, and find out about prices, food portions, service, food quality, and more.
There is no need to be in the dark anymore; once you trust DineOutLebanon as your only source for fine dining, you will never again have to show up under-dressed or over-dressed or worry about not liking the food or the ambiance of the place.

At DineOutLebanon, we have a team of experts from food journalists to photographers who will provide you with accurate information and topnotch photographs and videos of the venue. You will get to watch what happens behind the scenes, as a DineOutLebanon representative takes you into the kitchen where all the magic happens and brings you interviews with chefs and owners.

Our restaurant reviewers and critics begin their evaluation from the time they are seated to the time they leave, maintaining professionalism and fairness in each review with no exceptions. At DineOutLebanon you will find no “puff pieces”, but only the truth. Our purpose is to inform all food lovers of Lebanon about the best places to dine while we promote these remarkable venues to show the world how Lebanon’s restaurant scene has reached international standards. Whether you are a reader or a restauranteur, participate in DineOutLebanon to promote Lebanon’s tourism through its fine restaurants, and to inform restaurants on how they can improve through your feedback.
DineOutLebanon will also include other categories including food trivia, recipes, and promotions.

All restaurants are rated according to the following criteria:
Wait time to be seated and served
Food Quality and Presentation
Service and Staff Professionalism
Atmosphere and Décor
Restroom Cleanliness
Return Visit?
Overall Impression

All DineOutLebanon restaurant reviews will include a star rating from 1 to 5 stars, as follows:

One Star: Poor – Restaurants that are below average, where you can’t really recommend anything about the place.

Two Stars: Fair – Restaurants that are not really worth a return visit any time soon, but could have some things worth recommending like: the view, a platter, good service, or a vivacious ambiance.

Three Stars: Good – Restaurants which are overall solid and good, and appeal to the public with their atmosphere or cuisine

Four Stars: Excellent – Restaurants that stand out above the rest, where you can have a very enjoyable and memorable experience; the food, atmosphere, and service are simply thrilling.

Five Stars: Extraordinary – Restaurants that stand out on a global scale, where every aspect meets perfection and each visit is unforgettable, unique, and remarkably fantastic.