Top Restaurants, Lounges and Offers in Beirut During Ramadan

During the holy month of Ramadan, whether you’re fasting for hours or simply looking for a lovely venue to enjoy a good, fulfilling meal, you will find many venues that have created a special Iftar menu to please all tastes. We have a selected five of our favorite restaurants across Lebanon with special Ramadan offers that you are sure to enjoy with your friends and family.

Here are the Ramadan Offers:

Indigo on the Roof —  Le Gray Hotel, Beirut


Mosaic & Amethyste — Phoenicia Intercontinental Hotel, Beirut


Amarres — Zaitunay Bay


Riveria Beach Lounge, Beirut


Sa7 Lab Ramadan Lounge — Solea V

For more info on Sa7 Lab, please click here.

Momo — Beirut Souks

Coral Beach Hotel — Jnah