Tawlet: A True Taste of Lebanon

One of Lebanon’s charms is its delicious food. Yum, who doesn’t love the traditional taboule, kebbeh, freiki, man’oushe, zenkol, samke harra, kebbeh bassalyieh, maftouleh, reshta… Ok so you’re probably wondering what some of these dishes are… so did I. I got my answer when I walked into this  secluded restaurant in alternative up coming Mar Mikhahel street in Ashrafieh. A wonderful discovery called Tawlet.

You walk in a well lit room, high ceilings and a huge buffet welcomes you. The variety of food on the buffet is overwhelming. Take a seat, order some home made fresh lemonade. Don’t even think of asking for a more commercial beverage. They don’t have it. Everything is ‘Made in Lebanon’ at Tawlet. Water is even served in a traditional Lebanese water jug – el Bri’ – that we remember from our grandparent’s kitchen. It’s nostalgic. It’s nice…

Tawlet is the latest development project by Souk el Tayeb. As you may already all know, Souk el Tayeb is a producers-only market that takes place every Saturday in Saifi Village. It is about celebrating food and traditions that unite communities and support small-scale farmers and producers and the culture of sustainable agriculture. Food, of all kinds, is the emphasis of his souk.

Tawlet follows the footsteps of Souk el Tayeb and offers home cooked meals. It is an open kitchen, where every day of the week, a different producer/cook from the family of the Souk, prepares a typical food from her region – each day, there’s a different cook, a different producer, a different meal, a different story and a full buffet.

Tables can be shared with other groups of people. You feel like you’re in a simple yet sophisticated cafeteria. A place where only the taste of true Lebanon is shared – natural organic, traditional and seasonal products, from garden and kitchens of different parts of Lebanon.

Tawlet Souk el Tayeb
01 448129
Beirut, Sector 79
Naher Street, n˚ 12 (Jisr el hadid)
Chalhoub building, n˚ 22 – Ground floor