Sweet Tea: A Private Rooftop ‘Secret Garden’ Paradise

After hearing a lot of hype about Sweet Tea, I decided to search around for it in the beautiful Beirut Souks. Little did I expect to find it on a secluded rooftop terrace with gorgeous hanging gardens overlooking the Souks.  

Ideally located in a busy city center, Sweet Tea is a delightful surprise for anyone who happens to discover it. It’s right in the middle of a concrete jungle, yet one wouldn’t expect to see so much greenery in such a serene environment.  

Upon entering the venue, I felt disconnected; as though I had unlocked the doors to a secret garden and I congratulated myself on this “discovery”, knowing I was in for a treat. The loungy music relaxed my mind as I winded down from the bustle around me. I loved the detail and attention put into the hanging gardens on the walls — certainly a first in Lebanon. The charming and cozy surrounding lets in the right amount of sunlight and shade, allowing you to sit there for hours, forgetting time and forgetting that you’re still in the city.  

The menu is created by Yannick Alléno, who’s been awarded three Michelin stars since 2007 and has opened several high-end restaurants worldwide including S.T.A.Y., a fine dining french restaurant in Beirut Souks. There is a wide variety of food on the menu; simple and basic platters that you can enjoy with a café or tea.
We started with a delicious pumpkin soup, with pieces of parmesan cheese that made every spoonful that much tastier. We then ordered two pastas; one with fresh tuna sashimi dices in pesto sauce and another with chicken slices in saffron. The combinations are rather bizarre, but I grew to like them more and more with each bite.
Leave some room for the star items of this café; the desserts. One floor down, there is a colorful, modern and sleek venue with countless desserts on display. Some are specialties of the chef, and others are classic recipes prepared with a unique twist. I picked the lemon tart, which transported me to Paris as I savored each bite. It was perfect — rich, creamy, sweet and sour all at once.  

Sweet Tea is my favorite place in town for an afternoon break, where I can enjoy a cup of tea with some delectable desserts. Try it out with close friends when you have some free time and lose yourself for hours under the sunshine as you treat your taste buds to Michelin-starred goodness.  

Dress code is casual  

Price per person including drinks is approximately 25 USD.  

For reservation:  +961 1 989 040

If you have been to Sweet Tea, please leave a comment on the page, letting us know how your experience was and how you think the venue can improve.