S.T.A.Y.: Michelin Star Taste and Luxury in Beirut Souks

Certainly the first of its kind in Beirut, S.T.A.Y. is a culinary delight for the senses. Ideally situated in the heart of Beirut Souks, this stylish upscale venue is one of the most recent additions to the worldwide restaurant group owned by Michelin star chef Yannick Alléno.

Upon walking in, you are engulfed in the luxurious and stylish décor that spells out fine dining. S.T.A.Y. is posh in every meaning of the word, attracting a crowd that enjoys the finer things in life. This is certainly a place where your eyes and ears will be as thrilled as your nose and taste buds. The creative seating area allows for easier interaction among friends dining together and there is plenty of space between tables so that each conversation remains private. The overwhelming silver-gray color of the venue is the epitome of elegance, with candles and drapes here and there for that added charm. Mirrors, shiny surfaces and exquisite attention to detail put S.T.A.Y. on a league of its own. One of my favorite things about the restaurant is the bathroom. I cannot describe how heavenly it is, so I must wait for you to see for yourself. One floor up is a stylish bar for those who would like to linger around after dinner or enjoy an aperitif before a delicious meal.

Though on the pricey side, the food is exceptional. Whether it’s the artistic way each platter is presented, or the strange but delicious combination of ingredients. I absolutely loved the fresh foie gras that looked more like a dessert if you ask me. The beef filet and the veal were also perfectly cooked and melted with every bite. There are countless items on the menu to choose from, and frankly I simply cannot tell you which one is the best because each has a unique taste and must be tried. The desserts are sublime, whether it’s the richness of the chocolate cream or the perfection of the lemon tart. Although the portions are a little on the small side, the staff is very well-trained and quite helpful if you’re confused about what to order.

All in all, I loved the place. The only thing I could complain about is that it was rather costly, but I’d say it’s fair for such food quality, preparation and presentation; not to mention the impeccable style of the venue. This is certainly a place to go for the trendy crowd of Lebanon who are looking for a step up from the usual. Wear something chic, grab a group of your fashionable gourmet friends and make a night of it.