Rococo: Deliciously Hidden in Monot

Rococo, one of the newest additions to Beirut’s dining scene, is a lovely new venue right across from Brut in Monot Street.  As soon I arrived to the area, I felt an overwhelming nostalgia that took me 10 years back in time – minus the traffic and all the noise. At first, I couldn’t figure out where Rococo is because there is no sign at the entrance; giving this place a feeling of exclusivity and intrigue. Instead, I arrived to a long, mysterious passageway that led me to the venue’s entrance. As soon as I entered, I was pleasantly surprised with the cozy yet spacious loft-like setting that can comfortably seat 110 people without feeling crammed. The terrace area is definitely a treat for winter nights; it is a cozy area with brick walls and gives the feeling that you are sitting in a greenhouse. The interior décor really caught my eye; the art deco feel of the place combines old and new, dark and bright, comfortable and classic, into a lovely overall setting that enables you to sit there for hours without feeling the need to leave. I especially loved the original lighting, the colorful stools, and the antique-like couches.

The fusion food menu has an adequate number and range of items, enough to satisfy any taste. I was especially intrigued by certain specialties that have their own little twists in ingredients and flavor that are guaranteed to surprise your taste buds. Even drinks and cocktails come in bizarre glasses that you will learn to love by the end of your evening. The waiters are very friendly and we did not experience any delay in the food. The portions are not large, but are adequate. For the appetizers, I suggest you start with some Braesaola Rossasse which is a splendid little surprise that you will absolutely enjoy. Another great starter is the Rock Shrimp – I promise you will not stop till you empty your plate. For the salad, I recommend that you try one of the specialties: the Tuna Poki Salad – even those of you who do not like tuna fish will love this dish because of its combination of ingredients and the way it’s marinated. For your main dish, I suggest you try another one of Rococo’s specialties which is the Argentinean Rib Eye Steak (medium rare or medium). You can ask for its fatty edges to be cleaned and you can be certain that you’ll absolutely love its succulent taste till the last bite. I also loved the potato wedges that accompanied this platter, not to forget the dab of garlic butter on the meat that makes it taste even better. Another good dish is the Miso Risotto that is served in an interesting bowl; if you are a fan of Shiitake mushrooms, give it a try. No matter what you eat, be sure to try to the star dessert which is their superb Pain Perdu. Regardless of this being my favorite dessert, I absolutely loved it! I suggest that you ask for some extra caramel on the side and simply enjoy as this sweet milky-caramel sensation melts in your mouth and thrills your taste buds.

This venue is great for any night of the week and is convenient in the sense that you will not have to get stuck in traffic and you can easily park your car in one of its three parking lots. For a little extra something, you can go on Tuesday, Thursday, or Sunday nights to listen to a great live band that plays cool classics and contemporary hits. Rococo is great for a mature group of friends who appreciate good food while having drinks and is also a perfect meeting point for a first date where you can combine delicious dinner, strange drinks, smooth music, and fun conversation in a very comfortable and loungy atmosphere. I know I will definitely return with some friends.

You can go dressed as casual, chic, trendy, or whatever makes you comfortable. The price per person, including dinner and drinks, may range from 50 – 70 USD.

Rating: 4/5

For reservation:  +961 70 881 771

If you have been to Rococo, please leave a comment on the page, letting us know how your experience was and you think the venue can improve.