Pier 7: A Dining Experience Like No Other

A little over two weeks ago, Pier 7 opened its doors, welcoming clubbers to a new and different clubbing experience. Located on the Dora seaside road facing the City Mall, passersby cannot miss the club since it is huge in size boasting a large black square wall with a vibrant red horizontal line. Try as you may though, you won’t be able to sneak a peek at the interior of the venue unless you enter and see for yourself.

It is constructed like an arena; circular in form with a center stage, a bar surrounding the stage, and tables situated on different levels surrounding the entire setting; quite reminiscent of the Roman Amphitheater. It is vast, spacious, and the first of its kind in Beirut to have such a structure. Since it is built from scratch facing the sea, you can indulge in the beautiful view of the sea and the city while enjoying your drink.

Pier 7 is not only a nightclub though. In reality, my favorite aspect about it is the food! “Delicious” is an understatement! The chef, Anthony Sousa Tam is of Japanese and Spanish origin. He brings his international expertise to Lebanon by creating the Japanese Fusion menu of Pier 7, and it’s simply mouthwatering! For the first time I can’t really recommend anything in specific since I’m sure that you will end up loving whatever it is that you order. But, I will still go ahead and list my favorites. The Lobster Salad is heavenly; from its freshness to its dressing. With a rich mixture of lettuce in the middle, delicious pieces of lobster surround the platter topped with lemon ginger vinaigrette. The Beef Salad, with sliced Australian grain-fed beef grilled to a medium pink, is accompanied with the perfect mixture of ingredients; along with noodles, coriander, and cherry tomatoes. The Salmon with Ponzu is absolutely delicious! Enjoy the thin fresh slices of raw salmon served with Ponzu sauce, guaranteed to ignite your taste buds. The Marble Beef is a delight! Thin slices of tender beef topped in Yuzu vinaigrette. The Yellowtail, also dressed with Ponzu sauce and garnished with coriander is simple yet combines the perfect elements to create a mind-blowing platter. The chef adds his special touch to each platter, making every dressing unique and bursting with flavor. What I loved most about the food is that although it is so tasty and fulfilling, it doesn’t bloat you. That way, you can continue drinking and dancing the night away without that uncomfortable feeling of indigestion.

The service is impeccable and the ambiance is fresh, friendly, and comfortable. Another thing I loved is the menus; simple yet featuring a wide variety of delicious platters. Menus are presented to you without prices; the only the dinner host is handed a menu with the prices. I loved that they paid attention to this detail since it is only done in five star restaurants around the world. Before the venue transforms into an action-packed nightclub, you can enjoy your dinner while listening to some lively yet relaxing chill out/lounge music.

Whether you’re going to spend the night dancing at Pier 7 of not, I highly recommend that you reserve a table for dinner before the summer season is over. It is a perfect choice for a group of friends looking to get a taste of an evening out in Beirut.

Dress code is smart casual or semi-formal.

Price per person including drinks is approximately 100 USD.

Rating: 5/5

For reservation:  +961 70 697777

If you have been to Pier 7, please leave a comment on the page, letting us know how your experience was and how you think the venue can improve.