P.F. Chang’s: Another Delicious US Restaurant Chain Open in Beirut

Photo Credit: Plus961.com

Lebanon’s dining scene welcomed yet another restaurant chain a few months ago when P.F. Chang’s opened its doors in the ABC Ashrafieh Mall. This Chinese bistro gained so much popularity across the US that it spread its chain all the way to Kuwait, UAE and now Lebanon.

The delicious laid-back comfort food combined with a nicely decorated venue and friendly staff, makes the experience worthwhile. Although I am not a fan of restaurant chains, I certainly did enjoy this one very much, with the exception of a slight mix up in the order and the frazzled staff due to the full house. I absolutely loved every platter that went down on the table, except for an excessively salty Mongolian beef dish that’s a result of the type of meat and sauce used. I highly recommend the Chang’s chicken lettuce, the egg rolls, the dumplings, and the crispy green beans. No matter how many times you feel you’ve eaten any of the previously mentioned items, your palate is sure to be pleased by the twist on taste – one that’s unique and exclusive to P.F. Chang’s. Leave some room for the delicious mains; whether it’s the beef, chicken or pork platters, or the scrumptious noodles, you’ll definitely be returning for more.

This venue is family-friendly and super cool meeting place for a group of friends, regardless of their food preference when it comes to food since P.F. Chang’s serves a wide variety of platters guaranteed to please all tastes. It’s casual enough to feel comfortable, yet exudes enough trendiness to make a night out of it.

Dress code is casual

Price per person is approximately 40 USD.

For Reservation: +961 1 332 132

If you have been to P.F. Chang’s, please leave a comment on the page, letting us know how your experience was and how you think the venue can improve.