Maki: Japanese Fusion Gastronomy – Mouthwatering New Menu Items

Ever since its inception ten years ago in Kuwait, Maki has always focused on providing quality in its food and service. Maki’s staff is dedicated to satisfying its customers every whim and craving, which is why the star items on the menu are named after the customers who created them. Every ingredient is carefully picked from designated areas around the world, to provide the right taste and freshness. Hiring worldy chefs that have worked in Michelin starred restaurants with expertise in both Japanese cuisine and mouthwatering desserts, Maki is always aiming to improve its Japanese fusion gastronomy cuisine that is inspired from Italian, French, Mediterrean and Latin American ingredients and cooking techniques, combining strange ingredients together for marvelous results. Its unique menu is constantly changing to deliver new and enjoyable items to its customers.

After reviewing Maki over a year ago, we decided to go back for another gastronomic experience to taste the the unique new menu items. Here are but a few of the newest, mouthwatering additions.

Chef Chopped Salad

Aburi Shake Unagi Sushi


Dhari Mame Maki


Ebi Tempura Bites


Filo Prawn Tempura with Special Sauce


Mount Fuji Mame Maki


Izumi Chili Shake


Tara II Mame Maki


Light Chocolate Brownie

 Stay posted on more news and surprises from Maki Beirut.