La Pêche du Jour: Delicious Seafood By The Byblos Sea

To all of you who know Eddé Sands and to those of you who simply cannot imagine summers without it, you’ll be happy to know that this resort opens all year round – well, its restaurants at least.
Long afternoons spent at the Eddé Sands resort are never complete without a delicious lunch at La Pêche du Jour, where you can enjoy the lovely sun, breeze, sea, and everything pink! La Pêche du Jour has been open since 2002; it opens all year round and seats a whopping 600 people. I happened to dine there last week, for the first time during the winter season. I must admit, it is quite a change but nevertheless, the food was great.

For starters, I wasn’t sitting on the spacious outdoor terrace, but instead I sat in the spacious indoor area as I reminisced about warmer days. Nevertheless, Sunday lunch would be a great idea at La Pêche du Jour; if it’s warm enough, you can be seated on a comfortable bed right on the beach. Yes, you will be served your lunch there as you enjoy the smell of the sea, the sound of the waves, and the warmth of the sun. La Pêche du Jour specializes in fresh sea food, Lebanese grill, and mezzé. You can select your live lobster, crab, or prawns, and choose what fish you’d like to have and simply enjoy a deliciously fresh lunch followed by an afternoon stroll around the resort.

Lunching or dining at such a restaurant has become almost like a Lebanese tradition for friends and families during weekends. Of course you must begin your meal with some cold starters (mezzé); my personal favorites at La Pêche du Jour were the Hommos, Labne, and Fattouche. You can follow that with the mouthwatering hot starters; I suggest you try the delicious Spicy Potatoes, Cheese Rkakat, and their delicious Fish Kebbeh. Of course your meal wouldn’t be complete without some fresh fish; so how about some fried Sultan Ibrahim and Mallifa, and of course a deliciously grilled Loup de Mer. Yummy!
A fresh dessert would be perfect after such a meal, so I suggest you order the Chocolat Mou or a refreshing Fruit Salad. Don’t forget to order a good bottle of white wine; a Ksara Blanc de Blanc or Chardonnay should do the trick.

Although our service started off a bit hectic, unorganized, and tardy, the staff was very friendly and we ended up having a pleasant evening with no mistake in our order.
For any of you who would like to dine there during the weekend, you can enjoy an entertaining “One Man Show” every Friday and Saturday night for only 42 USD per person. It is ideal for families and an older crowd. It is a very comfortable place where you can enjoy delicious food and bring along a big group of friends without worrying about the noise you’ll make – you can dress comfortably and casually without worrying about looking dressed down.
A Sunday lunch with friends sounds great too; grab some friends on the next sunny Sunday and head to the beach . . . for a delicious La Pêche du Jour lunch.

Price per person including drinks is approximately 40 USD.

Rating: 3.5/5

For reservation:  +961 9 542 226

If you have been to La Pêche du Jour, please leave a comment on the page, letting us know how your experience was and you think the venue can improve.