La B Del M: Cuban Flavor in Beirut

Located on the Damascus road, right next to El Paladar, La Bodeguita Del Medio has brought an authentic piece of Cuba to Lebanon in its entertaining and delicious venue. Do no mistake this for Mexican or Brazilian; it is a unique Cuban-inspired cuisine, serving the most mouthwatering dishes that keep you coming back. Whether you’re a young or old adult, you will love this place. It has great live music, and the entertainment keeps going all night. You won’t just be eating, you’ll be amused as the dancers and band members move around from table to table, spreading positive energy to everyone.

La B Del M Beirut’s décor is the same as the one in Cuba (and Miami, London, Prague, and many other cities). The whole
point is to maintain the fun spirit of Cuba in all of its international venues. All over the walls, you will see photographs of happy customers, celebrities, and many tributes to Che Guevara. The venue is divided into two floors (and terrace during warmer seasons); the lower floor is where the bar and the band are located (but if you are sitting upstairs, be sure that the band will visit your table too as it makes several tours of the entire restaurant). Both floors are connected in energy by a large central opening; enabling the music and salsa dancing to be spread everywhere. Salsa lovers will find themselves returning to La B Del M every week, unable to miss out on all the energy. I suggest that you call to reserve in advance so that you can choose the table of your choice; I recommend that you sit on the lower floor.

You simply cannot spend an evening here without trying the food. Every item on the menu, although familiar, has a distinct twist in the method of preparation and flavor. I recommend that you start with the ensaladas (salads) and try the Marinera or the Milagro; your taste buds will burst with the flavor of their dressing. You can then follow with the entradas (starters) and try the Camarones Caramelizado, which is absolutely delicious and makes you hungrier with every bite. After that, it’s time for the platos fuerte (main course) and here I suggest that you try the Bodeguita Filete, which is simply mouthwatering. If you are not a beef lover, the waiter can recommend several other types of dishes that are specialties, including chicken, fish, and pork. At this point, you may be completely full; but I suggest that you dance around for a bit so that you can make room for postres (dessert) and try the Oreo Cheesecake (ask for extra cheesecake on top) or a La B Del M specialty ice cream (made with rum raisin).

The staff is extremely friendly and will explain every item on the menu for you. Because the menu has a very wide variety of items, feel free to ask for your waiter’s recommendation and be sure that you will be pleased with the result. Even though the place is packed with people and energy, there will be no delay with your order.

Dance the night away with some fantastic music and the best Mojito in town. Not only is La B Del M great in preparing good food and providing entertaining music, but it is also renowned for its great Mojitos, making this venue the master of the Mojito!

For all of you cigar lovers, you’ll be pleased to know that La B Del M has its own cigar lounge and cigar menu. Choose from a variety of Cuba’s best cigars while you sip on your drink and listen to the music.

Dinner and drinks are around 40 to 50 USD per person.

Go well-dressed but in a comfortable manner so that you can spend the entire evening there eating, drinking, and dancing. This is a perfect place for a group of friends who are looking for a great food and a great time. Enjoy a night out, Cuba style, and let go of your inhibitions!

Rating: 4/5

For reservation:  +961 1 211 322

If you have been to La Bodeguita Del Medio, please leave a comment on the page, letting us know how your experience was and you think the venue can improve.