From the farm to your Ugg boots: Kitsch

The healthy eating trend has never been so well adapted to a fashionable concept. No more boring atmospheres and bland dishes, here you can be a health freak and metro too! Expect fresh food from the farmer to your plate- 90% of products used in the kitchen come straight from daddy’s farm!

Yup, Joanna Debbas is always on the premises to make sure you are comfy and suggest her latest inspiration instead of your usual choice, made out of her father’s daily harvest. Dishes are fresh and spirited, catering to both big eaters and the increasingly picky globetrotters with vegetarian, and even vegan stuff on the menu. Did she say vegan? Never heard that one around here before!



I overheard the next table ask for the homemade granola, Joanna explains it is not available today and suggests muesli with apples, pears, cinnamon and nuts..mmm! ‘I want people to feel in a homey and happy place’. For this, she has revamped this old Lebanese structure with high ceilings and traditional floor tiling, by adding a couple of funky lamps, choosing fresh and colorful materials, mixing and matching prints, around simple white tables.

This personalized touch starts at the farm where her father loves to plant new veggies, introducing the likes of round zucchini on the market or different types of lettuce that I have not yet tasted elsewhere. Indeed, my omelet came with the heartiest and crunchiest bits of green lettuce. The dishes look more yummy than beautiful though, don’t expect aligned asparagus and clear-cut chicken slices!



Here you can find our traditional ‘cousa’ revisited: Meat-free stuffed zucchini with quinoa, 4 vegetables, generously coated with lemon and oil sauce, parsley and mint. The Chicken Caesar salad is also reconsidered, with caramelized golden chicken instead of your usual white grilled slice, spinach, rocca, parmesan, lemon & oil dressing, with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Deserts include the likes of Nutella cupcakes.



The choice of Alcoholic beverage available here is very limited to this date, with many classics still off the menu. Also, it can be a bummer to come and not find your ‘coup de coeur’ that you have been eager to bite into, but at least you know what you are eating is still covered with the morning dew.

Average Price per person: From $15 & up

Internet Access: Yes!

Dress code: Casual

Contacts: 00961 1 575 075, 00961 3 260 099

Location: 14 Gemayze Street

Opening Hours 8am to 10pm

If you have been here please leave a comment on the page, letting us know how your experience was and how 
you think the venue can improve!